#1 Ultimate Indulgence Foot Treatment      $70

The Luxurious Pedicure is like nothin else. You'll feel like a Queen right here in this modern world. An ultimate natural treatment including rich Apricot seed Body Scrub, a deep soothing sensation leg massage with Cooling Massage Gel

Enjoy a layer of Mineral Marine Mud Mask fish in proteins and nutrients that will delicately adhere to skin surface and pull impurity from the pores while tone and tighten your skin elasticity.

#2 VIP Foot Treatment      $60

This Luxurious therapeutic treatment is like a 60-minute facial for our feet. Includes all of "Brissa Detox Foot Treatment", plus the "Jelly Pedi" transforms water into a gelatinous foot bath. Massaging of Jelly into the skin and muscles stimulate the senses that have never been touched before and creating feet that look and feel years younger! This includes work on rough callused areas, then warm paraffin treatment that leaves your skin soft, smooth and moisturized. Services ends with perfect polish application.

#3 Brisa Detox Foot Treatment      $50

Detoxifying starts with soaking your feet in a warm blend of Herbal Detox Tea, then Mud Mask which content Kaolin ultra-fine natural mineral clay, Brisa Essential oil and carrier Oil will totally bring strong aromatic notes of fresh herbs as an uplifting tonic for the legs.

#4 Foot Treatment      $40

Includes all of "The Classic" pedicure services; plus a vitamin pack to pack to lock in moisture and restore suppleness. Starts with a super hydrating aroma therapeutic masque treatment (earth minerals and vitamins to leave your skin soft and revitalized); then organic sugar scrub made of Raw Minerals to promote healthy and beautiful skin; then service ends with perfect polish application.

#5 The Classic      $27

Includes meticulous nail cuticle care, gentle exfoliation of the feet, hydrating massage, hot towels and topped off with perfect polish.


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